Lakeland launches partnership with Quiet Mark

Lakeland has launched a partnership with Quiet Mark, aimed at ‘helping customers make informed decisions about the appliances they purchase, and restore a little peace into their busy homes’.

Quiet Mark is an international approval award programme launched by the Noise Abatement Society in 2012 which encourages companies to make quieter appliances, independently tests and assesses them, and then awards its seal of approval only to the quietest products in any category.

Working in partnership with the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI), Quiet Mark tests sound levels at its own laboratories, reproducing real-life conditions where possible, and reviews and validates manufacturers’ reports. It also considers performance: all Quiet Mark awarded products must score over 70/100 with the GHI to confirm that the product performs well in its core function, while emitting low sound levels.

Consumers can find Quiet Mark awarded products such as kettles, coffee machines, food processors, blenders and air fryers in Lakeland stores and online, with the housewares chain expecting the range of products available to grow.

Lakeland electrical buyer Carly Bullock commented: “In a world that seems to constantly move at a faster pace with increased demands upon us all, we recognise that everything we can do to help our customers keep their homes as calm and peaceful as possible is appreciated. As such, it’s important that our customers are able to easily identify the products that won’t add unnecessary noise to their homes, helping them to make informed decisions about the appliances they purchase.

“The Quiet Mark award does exactly this, rewarding the products that work exceptionally well and are especially quiet, so that the tranquil sanctuaries we call home remain just that.”

Quiet Mark founder and managing director Poppy Szkiler added: “We all share the responsibility for the health of our next generation. Quiet Mark helps everyone collectively reconsider the often excessive noise levels of the technology we buy or bring to market and verify and profile new noise reduction solutions. We stand for a value that is often forgotten to make sure it is explored, protected and established because sound deeply effects our wellness.

“Unwanted noise is an invisible pollutant. It’s a big one to clean up and we can only do that as one. If we buy-quiet, design-quiet, understand-quiet, and make more quiet-time for ourselves to recharge properly, we will take a big burden off society.”

Lakeland operates 67 stores nationwide, with further stores trading internationally. For more information, visit


Lakeland’s Quiet Mark Awarded 1.7L Blue Glow Mirrored Kettle (£49.99)

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