Whirlpool celebrates National Quiet Day

Today (Wednesday September 11 2019) marks the fourth annual National Quiet Day, which aims to highlight the importance for people to find time for more peace and quiet in their lives.

National Quiet Day is celebrated on the second Wednesday of September, and was first established by home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool in 2016, in association with academics in the field of noise and psychology.

A mini-poll conducted via Trend-Monitor commissioned for National Quiet Day found that even with the latest noise reduction technology available in modern washing machines, 15% of those questioned said they are putting up with a washing machine that sounds like ‘an aeroplane taking off in their kitchen’.

The survey also revealed that more than one in four people compared the sound of their washing machine to that of ‘noisy road traffic and 8% likened the noise of their appliance to ‘the peaceful sound of rustling leaves’.

Whirlpool commissioned the mini-poll of 1,300 adults to highlight the vast differences in washing machine noise output levels. Whirlpool holds the Quiet Mark accreditation for three of its Supreme Care washing machines. The Quiet Mark is awarded to manufacturers who incorporate ‘quiet’ into their designs.

Whirlpool marketing director Marco Falaschetti said: “Loud, persistent noises can have a significant effect on mental health and a person’s well-being. In honour of National Quiet Day, we encourage everyone to take a moment away from the commotion of daily life and seek some sanctuary in silence.

“Through innovation and product design, we have manufactured a range of washing machines that, even during the spin cycle, operate at a whisper quiet noise level. Consumers therefore no longer have to suffer the aeroplane or traffic like sounds interrupting their home life.”

For more information on National Quiet Day, and to enter a competition to win a Whirlpool washing machine that has a super quiet spin cycle (the competition closes at 11:59pm on September 11 2019) visit www.quietday.co.uk and follow #NationalQuietDay for updates on social media.

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