Lakeland launches their 2020 Trends Report

Lakeland today announces the launch of its annual ‘Lakeland Trends Report’, revealing the trends and consumer behaviours that have shaped 2020, those expected to be big this Christmas and the products you won’t want to miss in 2021.

The report is based on new consumer research* which was carried out in September 2020, alongside sales data, customer feedback and industry insight from Lakeland’s team of experts.

Key findings from the annual report include:

Trends that shaped 2020:

What’s hot and what’s not?

Bread-making, pizza ovens and food saving & storage made the hottest topics of 2020 with sales up 130%, 68%, and 53% respectively. However, products for on the go, ironing boards & covers, and baking decorations all fell out of favour this year.

The Kids are alright… except when it comes to cleaning up!

It seems kids have been getting busy in the kitchen. According to our research, a huge number of children have embraced cooking and often lend a hand in the kitchen. Parents were asked if their children had ever undertaken certain household and kitchen tasks, with the results showing over half (56%) of children have baked a cake, 55% have baked cookies or biscuits and 30% have cooked a hot meal from scratch. The same level of enthusiasm can’t be identified when it comes to doing the washing up and other household chores.

The need to knead –how 2020 got us making a billion loaves of bread

In total, 34% of adults said they had baked bread at home in the previous six months, with young people particularly keen: 46% of those aged 25 to 34 said they had embraced bread making. Bakers made, on average, 2 loaves of bread a week, with some (15%) baking 4 or more loaves each week. This means that home cooks in the UK, in theory, have made up to an astonishing 936 million loaves of bread in their own kitchens during the past six months – very nearly 1 billion cobs, baguettes or farmhouse loaves.

In from the cold: the rise of the freezer

In 1970 just 4% of UK households had a freezer; by 1978 it had climbed to 41%. It has now hit 98%. In recent years, as more consumers recognise freezing as one of the best ways to save food waste and guarantee freshness,  freezing has become fashionable once again. What’s more, those keen to help the planet can take comfort from the increasing number of reusable containers now available. Our survey discovered over 27% of people are already using reusable freezer bags as their go-to product for freezing at home.

The Green Revolution is here to stay

Lakeland’s results show conclusively that people aren’t just keen to continue recycling, reusing, and reducing – they want to go further. There has been a marked increase in some eco-alternatives that had been considered a little more niche in the past, such as using reusable wax wrappers rather than cling film and using eco-friendly cleaning products. Most consumers are very keen to do their bit to help the planet and the environment but sometimes it feels hard to do so – the report reveals consumers biggest eco frustrations.

Christmas 2020:

Is it better to give or receive gifts? Depends if it’s a home-made cookie.

Over half the people surveyed (51%) said they would like to receive a home-made or home-baked gift this Christmas. Of the remainder, 29% said they’d like a bought gift, while 20% would like money or a voucher. In particular, young people, aged 25-34 are keen on the personal touch, with 57% saying they’d like something made by the giver, though all ages are fairly keen on the idea, with no age group registering less than 47% interest in receiving something home-made.

Christmas pudding keeps its place on the table

In recent years, reports have suggested the Christmas puddings’ days might be numbered, with sales of sponge puddings and alternative desserts threatening to shove the Christmas pudding off the festive table. However, it would seem most people are determined to keep hold of this key part of Christmas, with nearly two-thirds (64%) saying they either buy (44%) or make their own (20%).


New Year, new you

After a pretty tough 2020, people seem determined to get to grips with the next 12 months by trying to improve their health, their finances and prepare for the year ahead by cleaning their home and batch cooking. Although most consumers won’t be denying themselves a bit of pleasure, as the report reveals only a relatively small number are taking on the challenge of Dry January or Veganuary.

Products to watch out for in 2021


With 2020 being a challenging year in ways none of us could have anticipated, well-being and self-care is a trend we expect to continue and grow in 2021. Products that help us to relax and unwind, transforming our homes into a safe haven, are likely to do well, like aromatherapy oils, candles and SAD lamps.

Compostable Cling Film

Beeswax wraps and other eco-friendly alternatives have become increasingly popular over the last few years, but many people still love the convenience of classic cling film. That’s why we’re very excited to launch Compostable Cling Film. The first of its kind and exclusive to Lakeland, once used it can go on  home compost heaps and will completely disappear in 12 months, causing zero damage to the environment.

H2O Cleaning System

With the continued interest in more eco-friendly cleaning solutions, not to mention the rapid rise in demand for sanitising sprays, we anticipate the H2O eActivator Cleaning System will be a winner with customers. The innovative technology allows you to make hypochlorous acid, a sanitiser which is proven to kill viruses including Coronavirus, with only water, salt and white vinegar. And as you use the same bottle each time you make the solution, there’s no plastic waste.

Steve Knights, CEO of Lakeland comments: ‘It’s safe to say that 2020 has been very different to what any of us expected it to be. With the challenges of Covid-19 and lockdowns leading to most of us spending more time in our own homes, our 2020 Lakeland Trends Report explores how this affected our cooking

and baking habits. Our survey polled 3,000 people to discover the impact that cooking, baking and cleaning has on their lives and, along with our own customer insight, our report provides an in-depth look at the state of the nation’s homes. We’ve explored how lockdown led to many people discovering a new love

of baking, the emergence of the well-being trend, the continued rise in demand for eco-friendly products (including Christmas crackers!), and much more. It’s always fascinating to learn more about what makes us tick and our report explores the hot topics of 2020, as well as taking a peek at what trends we can expect to see in 2021.’


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