Lesser and Pavey’s Poll on Fragrance in the Home

Lesser and Pavey conducted an online poll to find out what makes fragrance products so popular. The response was good during the two weeks of operation with the consumer and trade buyers participating.

So why do people like to introduce different fragrances into their homes?

It would seem from the results that over 84% simply seek to create a lovely smell in the home with 44% using fragrance to create a calming atmosphere and 34% seeking to reduce unpleasant smells such as pets and shoes.  Some found scented products create a romantic atmosphere and are fashionable, both recording over 6% of the vote.

A home has many rooms, but the favourite seems to be the lounge with over 74% positioning fragrance products here whilst others result show a range of rooms they display perfume enhancement – over 37% in bathrooms which may reflect the desire for a calming atmosphere; and over 36% stated that they place fragrance enhancers all over the house.   Other rooms that received votes were the kitchen 32% and 30% in the bedroom.

Seasonal times of year were also reflected upon with nearly 8% using them at Christmas time and 12% generally in the winter period, but over 85% stated that they use fragrance products all year round which may be why Lesser and Pavey have seen such increases in sales of these products.

As to the top fragrances used, the feedback was mixed but generally floral and fruit smells came out on top followed by woody, citrus and spicy respectively; the woody and spicy fragrances outcome may suggest a more masculine trait rather than perhaps traditionally thought of sweeter perfumery.

And which products did the survey discover were the favourite in providing a change in perfume.  Nearly 87% respondents stated that they favour burning candles, wax melts and oil warmers; over 60% prefer diffusers, over 47% aroma lamps which may reflect these are a very new products to the marketplace; and just under 19% humidifiers which became particularly popular during COVID lockdown
Lesser and Pavey conducted an online poll to find out what makes fragrance products so popular.

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