Lifetime Brands Europe launches competition

Lifetime Brands Europe has collaborated with top artists Tipperleyhill, introducing a range of gifting solutions under its dine brand, Mikasa.

Tipperleyhill are two talented UK based artists, Abi and Roz, who work together to create quirky animal illustrations. Abi paints the animals and Roz adds the colourful patterns which feature on the Mikasa x Tipperleyhill gorgeously giftable mugs and hydration bottles. The duo met working at a textile design studio in New York. Roz confessed she didn’t like drawing and Abi replied she didn’t like colouring-in… and so this dream-team was created!

To celebrate the launch of the Mikasa x Tipperleyhill range, Abi and Roz will transform the window of one lucky Lifetime Brands Europe customer with a mural featuring their joyful designs – perfectly timed for the upcoming gifting season.

“Abi and Roz will give your store the real wow factor!” said commercial & marketing director Claire Budgen. “The Mikasa x Tippeleyhill collection has been designed with gifting in mind and we are so excited to see these gorgeous designs in our customers’ stores. We know the range will fly from the shelves over the coming months and we’ve created a ready-made planogram of the full offering to make things easy. Customers that invest in a full Mikasa x Tipperleyhill planogram in October will be entered into the competition to win! Simply order via your sales representative”.

“We love the process of painting windows. It’s our biggest canvas to express on! People find the process mesmerising to watch and it ends up creating a real buzz once it’s finished,” added Roz.

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