Misleading JML dicer ad gets the chop

A television advertisement for its Nicer Dicer has landed supplier JML in trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority.

Misleading JML dicer ad gets the chop

The ASA upheld a complaint by a viewer that the ad was misleading in terms of what the product could do, and JML has now been told it must not run the ad again in its current form.

JML had assumed that most consumers would understand from the simple design of the product that food should be sliced before it could be diced by the Nicer Dicer. But the viewer thought the ad implied that it could dice whole foods.

The ASA tested the Nicer Dicer and reported: “We noted that, for the product to dice food into cube shapes, food would first have to be sliced into roughly the thickness of the desired cube.

“We considered that the composition of the ad, particularly the name Nicer Dicer, the claims ‘Love to cook but hate the time and hassle of preparation and cleanup’ and ‘Look how perfectly it dices this tomato’, accompanied by an image of a tomato cut in cube shapes, implied that whole fruit and vegetables, or at least food cut in half, could be diced into cube shapes.

“Because it could not, and because it did not show that food had to be sliced before it could be diced, we considered that the ad was misleading.”

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