Most people are ‘too busy to have lunch’

Work pressures mean that most Britons no longer have time to eat lunch.

Most people are 'too busy to have lunch'

In a new survey of 2,000 people by French cheese brand President 51% of participants said they were too busy to have a lunch break, while 48% believed that a lunch break was a thing of the past.

Women are more harassed than men: a third of females work through their lunch time compared with a fifth of their male counterparts.

The survey also revealed that 53% of Britons usually eat their evening meal in front of the television, and that 31% watch television while having breakfast.

However, it seems that people would prefer to give more attention to their meal times. According to the study, when Britons do settle down to a family meal, 84% think that eating good food increases productivity and a sense of well-being.

Commenting on the findings, psychologist Richard Woolfson said: “Despite the fact that we now live in a very foodie-orientated society, with food documentaries, celebrity chefs and cook books never being more prolific, it seems that we still aren’t taking the time to properly enjoy our meals.

“It is so important to take the time to taste and appreciate food, as this has an effect on our emotional and physical well-being, and can affect our productivity.”

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