New design-led company champions UK manufacturing

Next February’s Spring Fair International will see the official launch of a new housewares company that says it is driven by ideas and innovation, and which makes everything in the UK.

New design-led company champions UK manufacturing

Yormii Kitchenware was founded this year by designer and entrepreneur Nathan Bestwick. After studying industrial design at Sheffield Hallam University he set up a design consultancy and worked on several of his own ideas for kitchenware.

“I’m now based at The Hog Works in Sheffield – a world-class manufacturing facility,” he told, “and I’m working full time on my new venture, Yormii, with the vision of becoming an international housewares brand, manufacturing in the UK, with a forward-thinking employee-ownership structure.”

He says the company’s experimental approach to design has produced a range of innovative housewares products, some of which are covering new ground.

The first, the Millmii grinder, produces ground pepper when rubbed between the palms of the hand and will be demonstrated at Spring Fair. Future introductions include the Spicemii, a new take on a pestle and mortar; Munchmii, a new way of processing fresh leafy herbs; the Honemii knife honer; and Pourmii, a wine aeration device.

“It’s generally understood that in order to manufacture products you have to source them from the Far East to be able to compete on price,” Bestwick went on.

“I put this myth to the test and have found that Yormii is able to match Far Eastern production prices, whilst having the added benefits of greater control over the manufacturing process, the quality of the products we produce, and vastly lower shipping costs with a smaller carbon footprint.”

Yormii’s stand at Spring Fair is Hall 1, C26.

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