New-look version of Sensor bin

Brabantia’s Sensor bin is now available in a De luxe slimline design.

New-look version of Sensor bin

The body of the new bin has a slender silhouette while still giving a generous 45l capacity for waste disposal. It also has the benefit of Brabantia’s matt steel finish with fingerprint-proof coating, which reduces fingerprints and other unsightly marks, plus hygienic sensor-activated lid that opens and closes without being touched.

The removable inner bucket is also easy to clean, while the non-skid base stops the bin slipping on wet or polished floors, and a protective plastic rim reduces the risk of scratches.

Matching Brabantia bin liners are available to fit the De luxe Sensor bin and have strong tie tapes to make removing and sealing a full liner hassle-free.

The bin is supplied with four AA batteries and supported by a five-year guarantee.

Retail price £220.33

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