New products join the Scrub Daddy cleaning range

Two new members of the Scrub Daddy family – Scour Daddy and Sponge Daddy – are landing in stores in July and are on track to be as popular as the established Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy products, according to Evo Lifestyle Products, which is the UK and Ireland distributor of the US household sponge range.

Evo Lifestyle Products said: ‘The soft launch of these two new additions saw Scour Daddy [pictured] sell out within days online, proving this product to be the next hero item of the line.

‘Long-time retailers of the Scrub Daddy range such as Robert Dyas, The Yorkshire Trading Company and QD Stores have already placed orders to stock them.

‘The new products have already been tried and tested by Instagram ‘cleanfluencers’ like Lynsey [Crombie aka] ‘Queen of Clean’ and Dazlin Cleaning – and they passed their quality checks with flying colours!’

Scrub Daddy is a sponge made from FlexTexture foam, which is billed as a ‘one-of-a-kind texture-changing material that stays firm and rough for tough scrubbing in cool water, and becomes soft and malleable in warm water’.

Scrub Mommy is a dual-sided sponge and scrubber. The scrubber side is made from the FlexTexture foam of Scrub Daddy and the sponge side is made from ResoFoam, which is described as ‘a super-absorbent material that creates tons of suds for a soapy wash’.

Scour Daddy’s core is made from the same FlexTexture material as Scrub Daddy. The difference is that Scour Daddy is coated in an ArmorTec mesh which is heat-treated to release food particles, and claimed to be ‘durable enough to handle the worst burnt on food and scratch-resistant too, meaning you can use it on everything from cast iron to chrome’. watch the scour daddy product video here

Sponge Daddy is a traditional rectangular-shaped version of Scrub Mommy. watch the sponge daddy product video here

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