On inflation – message from Rainy Day Trust

A message from Bryan Clover, Chief Executive Officer of Rainy Day Trust.

“I’m on leave at the moment but this morning’s news that inflation has reached 9% already, has driven me to the laptop. We had been expecting this level of inflation by the autumn, so reaching it now means that 10-12% in October is highly likely.

“Too many people see asking for help as a failure, and we want to dispel that myth once and for all. Think of us as the mate that you’ve known for years who will help get you through a tough patch. Because that is what this is, albeit a long tough patch. The impact of Ukraine and c19 will eventually ease and inflation will get back to more reasonable levels. But in the meantime, an awful lot of people that work for you will be finding things difficult.

“Our Let’s Save Energy pack will help reduce energy bills by up to £250 a year (application form attached) so please spread the word amongst your colleagues. Thanks to the generous support of Kellaway Building Supplies and Methven, we are able to help so many more people with this package of support. As I’m on holiday packs will be dispatched when I get home at the end of the month, but staff can still apply now.

“We can also help with a mass of other things too. Debt advice, legal advice, telephone counselling, training and education and a lot more. No-one – NO-ONE – needs to go hungry. All of our help is entirely confidential, so please encourage people to apply for help. We hear time and again that staff are leaving their jobs for an extra £1 an hour – by getting us involved we can help you retain your staff and keep recruitment costs down – and recruiting new people is seriously difficult too.

“We can support your colleagues. Now is NOT the time to be all stoical about it. Let us help.”

Contact Rainy Day Trust on 0800 915 4627  or visit https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-61483175


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