OXO unveils new branded fixture at John Lewis

OXO has launched a new concept within John Lewis stores aimed at enriching the customer shopping experience.

The newly installed “Retail Evolution Fixture” brings a premium kitchen environment to the store, allowing consumers to imagine OXO tools in their own home, while the new Lift & Learn technology visually explains the story of selected tools, all with the aim of driving awareness and sales.

Located in a popular area with high footfall, the island fixture is in the centre of the John Lewis Oxford Street Shop, and perfectly captures the different moments of home entertaining. Designed to make shoppers feel as though they are in a real kitchen environment, the fixture covers all key areas from barware and entertaining, through to a cutting-edge cooking prep section, and includes iconic tools such as the Peelers, Angled Measuring Jugs, Steel collection and POP containers.

The new kitchen fixture is complemented by innovative Lift & Learn technology, a new concept for the brand that delivers a whole new level of product interaction. Consumers are encouraged to actively interact with OXO products via sensor activation technology, which triggers the initiation and projection of video content onto a digital screen. This concept not only enhances consumer engagement but also blurs the lines between the physical instore experience and technology, creating a more seamless integration than ever before.

With this new instore concept, OXO has given its brand and tools more visibility than ever before, making it easier for consumers to navigate the product collection to find the tools they need.

Max Viale-Sole, sales manager UK & Ireland at OXO, said: “The new Retail Evolution Fixture is a step forward for the brand. We want to showcase what makes OXO products better, helping consumers make more informed purchasing decisions. The Lift & Learn technology is something we haven’t explored before as a brand, but we see it as a key driver for growth in the UK. This interactive experience ensures our customers can get a deeper look into our product features and benefits, and what makes OXO products so different.”

Maria Spagnuolo, EMEA brand manager at OXO, added: “The key purpose of this activation is to fully immerse the consumer into the OXO environment and make them feel as though they are in their own kitchen, using our products for themselves. We want consumers to recognise OXO as a pioneer in the housewares market, constantly striving to bring innovation and newness. The retail landscape has adapted and continues to evolve, so we’ve worked hard to meet the changing needs of consumers with this new shopping experience.

“We’re keen to learn from the data and analytics that come from the Lift & Learn technology, that will allow us to evaluate the success of products instore and monitor customer preferences, supporting us in building on our marketing strategy based on real customer data.”

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