ProCook eliminates plastic packaging

Housewares retailer ProCook has joined the battle against plastic pollution, announcing big changes to the way its products are packaged.

The specialist chain has made the commitment to use fully recyclable materials in its cookware and knife ranges, resulting in 90% of all plastic packaging being eliminated in the ranges by the end of 2018.

ProCook has also committed to removing 95% of plastic packaging from all products by the end of 2019. Non-biodegradable packaging such as EVA packing material, shrink wrap and polythene is being replaced with 100% recyclable card packaging. The new card packaging is designed using a layered construction and folding techniques to protect products during transit.

ProCook owner Daniel O’Neill said: “We’ve taken the big step to overhaul our packaging after considering the impact our sector has on the environment. As retailers, we have a responsibility to consider the wider effect of our business activity, and addressing product packaging is a significant step in the right direction.

“Our new packaging has been designed with careful thought and a long-term goal in mind: we want our customers to feel good about spending their money with ProCook in the full knowledge that we are a company that cares and is committed to reducing single-use plastics.”

Commenting on knife packaging specifically, Daniel said: “ProCook customers can be assured that products will continue to be packaged to very high standards with every consideration taken to ensure that safety and product protection are paramount.

“Layered cardboard houses our knife blades very securely and is every bit as safe as the old EVA packaging. We’ve designed it to be secure and robust to ensure all orders arrive with customers in optimum condition.”

In addition, ProCook uses biodegradable plastic bags in-store. Since the Autumn, all bags have also been made from recycled plastic bottles.

Headquartered in Gloucestershire, the company operates 37 stores in the UK and has a fast-growing ecommerce business with presence in eight European markets.


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