Pyrex joins sponsors for The Housewares Conference

The Housewares Conference 2009 has added Pyrex to its growing list of sponsors.

Pyrex joins sponsors for The Housewares Conference

Marketing manager Frannie Santos-Mawdsley told that the conference would be the ideal platform for Pyrex to convey to the industry the growing importance of home baking.

“The main reason we’re sponsoring the conference is that we launched National Baking Week last year, and we’re very much encouraging people to bake,” she said.

“It’s much healthier than people think and it fits with the trend in the current economic climate to eat more at home and do more home cooking. And there’s nothing better than Pyrex to do it with!”

The all-industry Housewares Conference takes place April 1 next year at One Whitehall Place in central London It is organised by and Housewares Magazine.

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