Rainy Day Trust Christmas Appeal

Rainy Day Trust, the UK’s only charity supporting the home improvement workforce, has started preparing its Christmas Hampers which will go out to those in need.

Bryan Clover, Rainy Day Trust CEO, said: “For quite a lot of them, ours is the only Christmas card that they will receive, and the hampers make the difference for them, giving them a few little special items of food and the like in the house.

“Following what has been a difficult year for so many, just keeping the heating on is going to be a challenge.  Food price inflation is well ahead of the CPIX and RPI as well, adding yet more pressure onto family budgets. It is not an exaggeration to say that without our help and support an awful lot of people will go cold and hungry this year.”

You can support the Rainy Day Trust in its Christmas Appeal in a number of ways.

  1. Run your own Christmas Jumper Day – everyone at work wears a festive jumper on the day and donates £1 for the privilege.
  2. Support the Christmas Appeal directly, sponsoring one or more hampers. Each one costs us £50. You can follow the link to Rainy Day Trust’s Just Giving page https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/stoparainychristmas?invite=true or make a donation by BACS straight to its bank account – Rainy Day Trust 40-52-40, acct no 00030409.
  3. How about a Reverse Advent Calendar? Donate an item of stock to Rainy Day Trust for each of the 24 days of an advent calendar. Rainy Day Trust will sell the stock on to raise the money they need.
  4. Organise a Christmas Cookie Bake Off- encourage staff to bake Christmas cookies, and then sell them to family and friends.

Clover added: “This Christmas is going to be tough for far more people that before and the pressure on our funds is increasing daily. We are the safety net that keeps so many going, so if you and your business can help us then please support our Christmas Appeal for 2022.”

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