Rainy Day Trust issues Let’s Save Energy packs

With the announcement of the likely rises in utility bills in April, The Rainy Day Trust has issued ‘Let’s Save Energy’ packs.

Bryan Clover, Rainy Day Trust, said: “Now seemed like an opportune time to remind everyone about our ‘Let’s Save Energy’ packs that your colleagues can apply for. Anyone that is struggling with their energy bills can take advantage of the packs which combined should reduce annual bills by £250-300 a year, every year.”

Each pack contains:

  1. LED lightbulbs which are cheaper to run. people just tell us how many they need of each fitting.
  2. One or two eco shower heads that cut water usage by 3 litres a minute – two adults showering every day will save about 250lts of water every week.
  3. Packs of radiator reflectors which reflect back about 93% of the heat that would have been lost through an exterior wall. They are very simple to fit.

Clover added: “We only list regular screw or bayonet fit bulbs on the form but can also supply downlighters (like the GU16) but applicants need to know that the transformers above the bulbs can handle an LED bulb otherwise they will flicker constantly. We can also send out letter box brushes and other insulation items if applicants need them, they just need to list them on the form. The programme is all about our ‘prevention is better than cure’ agenda.”

The application is available HERE. Once completed, email the form to bryan@rainydaytrust.org.uk

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