Range of no-stab kitchen knives will launch this year

A range of safer kitchen knives designed to reduce their use as weapons is being developed for launch later this year.

Range of no-stab kitchen knives will launch this year

The blade design was originally conceived by industrial designer John Cornock of New Point Knives, who has been working on the idea for several years. He has teamed up with a major UK design consultancy to create a set of five kitchen knives and a knife block.

The range has been created with home safety and inclusive design as the underlying themes.

“This year, the knives are really starting to grab the attention of a lot of interested parties,” Cornock told HousewaresLive.net. “The plan is to have them distributed worldwide.”

The patented New Point blade allows cutting of foods in the normal way but is surmounted by a second, rounded end that prevents serious injury.

“The common kitchen knife has remained unchanged for centuries,” Cornock went on, “so now we’re hoping to introduce a more considered and intelligent design for the modern home.”

He added that he hoped the products would be on the market before Christmas.

At the same time, Taylor’s Eye Witness is now producing two Classmate school knives using the special New Point tip, for use in cookery and home economics classes.

The development of the products comes amid mounting concern over knife crime, for which kitchen knives are mainly used. A report launched last month by Staffordshire County Council’s Trading Standards calls for a ban on long-pointed knives and online knife sales. The council hopes that the recommendations will be adopted nationally.

Read more on New Point knives at newpointknives.co.uk.

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