Re-using packaging is an eco money saver for David Shuttle

Beaconsfield cookshop David Shuttle is saving money and being kind to the environment by re-using all the materials in which incoming products are packaged.

Re-using packaging is an eco money saver for David Shuttle

The retailer is enjoying growing success with its online business, and now recycles all product packaging for use in meeting its own customer orders.

“We send out thousands of parcels a year and made the decision we wouldn’t buy any kind of packaging materials,” David Shuttle’s internet trading manager Jonathan Partridge told “All of these boxes coming to us are of a great standard.”

And now, the business is even using waste packaging from other companies.

“We’ve approached local businesses about it, and they can drop in all their materials to us. One of our biggest success stories has been Waitrose next door. We’ve also purchased a cardboard shredder so we can make boxes into packaging,” said Partridge.

David Shuttle has been trading online for three years but launched its own dedicated website,, a year ago. “That’s where we’ve experienced very good growth,” Partridge said.

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