RKW to attend Ambiente

RKW will be attending Ambiente with leading products by RKW brands, Tower and Barbary & Oak. Ambiente is the world’s leading international trade fair, exhibiting products for the table, kitchen, and household. RKW will welcome consumer trade customers at Ambiente from the February 3-7 in Frankfurt am Main, on stand 8.0 M71.


Tower, RKW’s flagship own brand, has over one hundred years of experience in British manufacturing and design excellence, providing homes with every day kitchen and homeware essentials. Bestselling products from Tower include small domestic appliances, cookware, and tableware.

Tower air fryers

Tower is the UK’s favourite air fryer brand, topping air fryer sales by volume in the UK market during 2022. New and best-selling air fryer models will be spotlighted at the German trade fair, reflecting the growing popularity for trade customers and end-users. Demand has further increase due to trade show appearances, various digital marketing campaigns, as well as a national TV ad in 2021.

Tower Vortx air fryers

The energy saving benefits of Tower Vortx air fryers are extremely attractive for customers, as they look to battle increasing costs in the home. Tower air fryers are helping consumers save up to 50% on their energy bills, when used instead of a conventional oven.

This is as Vortx technology is designed to rapidly circulate hot air around food in the air fryer, resulting in a 30% faster cooking time when compared with a conventional oven.

Tower Vizion air fryers

Further energy saving costs are available through air fryers which use Vizion viewing window technology. Customers are now checking their food throughout the cooking process, without ever opening the air fryer door. This maintains the temperature within the appliance, saving time and energy costs.

Tower dual basket air fryers

A range of new dual basket air fryers will be making an appearance at Ambiente, providing the ultimate versatility in the kitchen.

Using these Tower air fryers, customers have the option to cook one larger portion, or two separate meals. Tower Smart Finish technology ensures cooking time is completed simultaneously, regardless of what ingredients are placed within each of the duo baskets.

New Tower basket air fryers also have a range of basket sizes to choose from, so customers can pick the air fryer most suitable for their family size. The Tower T17099 Vortx Eco Duo basket air fryer has one 3.3L basket, alongside a larger 5.2L basket. For larger capacity requirements, The Tower T17102 Vizion dual basket air fryer comes with two 5.5L baskets, with a combined capacity of 11L.

Tower collections

Ambiente will also feature a range of new and best-selling Tower collections, such as a Renaissance, Heritage, Belle, Empire, Scandi, Cavaletto, Solitaire, Ash, and Odyssey. Each collection is designed to give customers a wide range of kitchen style choices for their kettles, toasters, coffee makers, and more, whilst retaining quality functionality.

Cavaletto kitchenware collection

The Tower Cavaletto range is a best-selling example of a Tower collection, with a new Latte colourway attending Ambiente 2023. The natural colour is a trending choice for customers in 2023, perfect for those seeking lightness and healing after an extended period of uncertainty. The new colourway is available as kettles, toasters, a breadbin, and 3 storage canisters.

Solitaire kitchenware collection

Tower Solitaire is another exciting new collection, with stylish modern gloss 3D patterned body finish and stainless-steel trim. The collection showcases some of the latest design trends to bring a luxurious feel to any kitchen. Available as a range of products including toasters, kettles and breadbins, in a range of colourways, such as black, white, grey, and Latte.

Tower cookware

Tower SmartStart

The SmartStart cookware collection is releasing in January 2023, in time for Pancake Day and Ambiente. It includes energy saving cooking pans, with a temperature sensor icon that changes from a bright red colour to a darker red colour at the optimum warm temperature of 200°C. SmartStart is another energy-saving innovation as budding chefs can identify exactly when to turn down the heat on the hob, reducing wasted energy.

There are four exciting ranges in the SmartStart collection, Classic, Gourmet, Forged and Ultra Forged, available as 24, 28, 30, and 32cm cooking pans. Each product in the SmartStart range has up to 6 layers of Tower-exclusive Aeroglide coatings which are up to 15x stronger than other standard non-stick coatings. The premium SmartStart range of Ultra Forged is complete with an energy-efficient Inducto induction compatible base, heating up 25% faster than standard induction bases, giving fantastic energy saving benefits to the user.

Tower Freedom

Tower Freedom is a modular collection of cookware, allowing complete versatility in the kitchen. Freedom products have premium lightweight aluminium bodies and a Cerasure non-stick coating which is 3x stronger than alternatives.

All Tower freedom pots and pans use a single space-saving single detachable Bakelite handle. This means the collection is easily transferable from the hob, to the oven, table and even the fridge.

Tower Cerastone Pro

Tower Cerastone Pro is another cookware collection exhibiting at Ambiente 2023, based on the success of the Cerastone collection. Inducto induction compatible bases provide rapid heat-up, allowing customers to begin cooking faster, ultimately saving more energy.

The collection also features heavy gauge 4mm forged aluminium bodies, and a 5-layer non-stick coating that is 10x stronger than the competition.

Barbary & Oak

Visitors to Ambiente will experience style, innovation, and design excellence in the latest collections from Barbary & Oak, such as the Foundry cookware and oven to tableware collection. Each collection features stylish colourways that are functional, whilst inspiring in the home.

Barbary & Oak Foundry cookware and oven to tableware

There are Foundry cast iron colourways to suit every consumer taste, from Bordeaux red and Limoges blue cast iron casserole dishes, to the more soothing new additions of Camembert Cream and Verdigris Green cast iron roasters.

Cast iron cookware is exceptionally helpful for saving energy in the home, due to its heat-retaining properties. The Barbary & Oak Foundry cast iron collection is also very easy to clean and hygienic, whilst being suitable for all hobs types such as induction.

Barbary & Oak Reef, Fossil, Abyss, Totem, and Relic mugs

Barbary & Oak will also be exhibiting a range of mugs crafted from strong stoneware, guaranteed to make a pleasing addition to any customer’s mug collection. They are robustly constructed in strong stoneware that is resistant to chips, cracks, and scratches, making them perfect for everyday use.

Reactive glaze and natural colours are used to make every mug unique, with slight differences in pattern, blended using natural colourways for a subtle rustic feel. Each mug is also dishwasher and microwave safe.

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