Shoppers focus on Christmas dinner over gifts

Most shoppers will be spending at least as much or more on this year’s Christmas dinner as they are on gifts or going out.

Shoppers focus on Christmas dinner over gifts

A new poll by IGD’s ShopperTrack found that 75% of those surveyed are putting the emphasis on a home-cooked festive feast, with 36% planning to spend less on presents and 38% cutting back on going to restaurants and pubs.

According to IGD chief executive Joanne Denney-Finch: “The general economic uncertainty is creating nervousness about splashing out. But the belt-tightening doesn’t extend to all areas. Shoppers are planning to focus spending on their Christmas meal, over presents and going out.

“The wintry weather means shoppers are likely to go out less and to concentrate on food shopping. If they’re already at the supermarket they may choose to do the majority of their Christmas spending there, including presents.”

“In response to shoppers’ general thriftiness, it’s even more important to demonstrate value and to target a broad range of customers.”

She added that the trend to prioritise the Christmas meal over going out could continue next year and should be taken into account when developing themes and product development.

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