Squires Kitchen makes decorations good enough to eat

The latest moulds from Squires Kitchen create edible cake decorations that celebrate the great tradition of tea and cake.

Squires Kitchen makes decorations good enough to eat

The new Squires Kitchen Great Impressions range comprises Teatime Treat Mould 1, to make teapot, teacup and cupcake decorations, and Teatime Treat Mould 2 to create a cake slice, teacup and cupcake.

The six different designs quickly and easily produce intricate, edible decorations for celebration cakes or for sitting on top of cupcakes and cookies for tea parties, birthdays and picnics.

To use, the modelling paste is simply pushed into the mould and left to harden: an easy way to release the paste from the mould is to rub a little white vegetable fat into the cavity first. The resulting shape can be finished with Squires Kitchen edible colours.

Squires Kitchen’s Great Impressions moulds and veiners are made from food-safe, flexible silicone rubber and can be used with many modelling mediums including sugar dough, sugarpaste, sugar florist paste, cocoform modelling chocolate, boiled sugar, butter and cold porcelain.

Retail price £8.99 each

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