‘Stay Cool’: the new cookware range from Stellar

A cool range of cookware designed for today’s cook and aspiring chef, offering efficient cooking, easy draining and higher levels of nutrient retention owing to its unique design. Let’s explain:

‘Stay Cool’ a surprising name for a cooking collection. Then again, this name reflects the key benefits that the handle design offers the consumer; the handles stay cool while the pan directs all of the heat into the pan body to ensure efficient cooking. This, combined with the innovative silicone-edged glass lids (which seal in nutrients when cooking), make these pans super cool.

The unique lid design also promises hassle-free draining. Regardless of hob type, ‘Stay Cool’ pans will operate to maximum efficiency on your preferred hob choice. Moreover, they will perform equally well in the oven in temperatures up to 210°C.

Finally, ‘Stay Cool’ pans look seriously cool too. Curved bases (holding the induction plate), black edge lids and dynamically styled handles make this range win time and time again.  Manufactured in high grade stainless steel means these pans will also retain their looks – all of which is supported by a lifetime guarantee.

These are set to be in the consumers’ top choice.

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