Stellar Cold Press Juicer

stellarcoldJuicy Does It – Introducing the new Slow Juicer from Stellar SEA36. The best things come to those who wait so step into the slow lane with new Stellar Slow Juicer, for the ultimate home-juicing experience.

Not only does fresh fruit juice taste delicious, but it makes a really healthy addition to the diet; notching-up those five-a-day. When it comes to nutritional content however, there’s juice, and then there is cold-pressed juice, and if you’re looking for the healthiest option with the least waste and maximum taste, it’s cold-press all the way.

The new Slow Juicer from Stellar employs the cold-press technique, gently pressing fruits, vegetables and herbs so that juice is extracted with minimum oxidation, meaning that it lasts longer and contains more nutrients and enzymes.

Using stainless steel micro filters, the Stellar Slow Juicer ensures that drinks are perfectly smooth, while providing far superior juice extraction when compared against traditional centrifugal juicers. It has a powerful, yet quiet, motor capable of 18Nm of torque enabling it to work efficiently, and despite the name, it can produce tasty juice in a matter of minutes.

With a smart drip-prevention cap and separate jug for dry pulp, the Stellar Slow Juicer is mess-free, while the device itself has been designed for easy cleaning – just pour water through the system between uses. A bespoke scrubbing brush has been provided for any tough adhesions.

Healthy, efficient and cost effective – a cold-press juicer makes your fruit go further – the Stellar Slow Juicer is possibly the best new juicer in town!

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