Strix and Trebonn join BHETA

The latest small domestic electricals brand to join BHETA is Strix UK, the world’s leading manufacturer of kettle controls. The company is based in Chester with its head office in the Isle of man as well as premises in Hong Kong and China. Formerly Castletown Thermostats, it became Strix in 1982.

Strix now has a series of established partnerships with brands, OEMs and retailers and has a 38% global share of kettle control market. With over 800 employees, it prides itself on technical proficiency and expertise.

Seema Grantham, BHETA’s sector manager for housewares said: “Strix is all about technical excellence the delivering trusted products that are safety critical in the home. It is a fantastic addition to BHETA’s supplier base in the small domestic electricals sector.”


The latest housewares brand to join BHETA, meanwhile, is Trebonn, the designing force behind stylish and innovative housewares products from bamboo and roll up chopping boards to cooking pods, colourful kitchen knives, zesters, graters, tongs, spatulas and salad servers. The company also has an ‘on the go’ range of food containers and water bottles.

The family business was founded by father and sons, Cesare, Federico and Niccolò Bonardi. The company’s mission is to reinterpret everyday objects by freeing itself from stereotypes and conventions and mixing innovative designs with enriched functionality.

Seema commented: “Trebonn is all about stylish design for the kitchen. It is a young business which fuses twin passions for food preparation and beauty. I am delighted the company has joined BHETA.”

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