A chaotic world – message from Rainy Day Trust

Please find below a message from Bryan Clover, CEO at the Rainy Day Trust. The charity wants to reach out through the industry to offer help to any Ukranian refugees arriving here with a background in the home improvement industry.

“With what’s happening elsewhere in the world, there is more pull at our emotions and demands on our charitable donations – and we might be forgiven from turning our attention away from matters closer to home. The headlines are full of news stories of Ukraine and the BBC is raising the profile of Comic Relief. As a small charity, we meet the needs of a distinct group of people, and have been doing so for the last 179 years. But we will also be available to help refugees from Ukraine that meet our eligibility criteria in that they have worked in the home improvement industry, even in their home country. The tough part for us is reaching them.

“We are calling on our supporters and business partners to keep their collective ears to the ground so that should someone from Ukraine need help they can be pointed in our direction. Getting funds to where they are needed the most is always a challenge, and where refugees don’t have a UK bank account, it takes a little imagination, but we can manage that through Paypal and other financial instruments, as well as straight donations of food parcels once they have arrived.

“So, the Rainy Day Trust is most definitely NOT operating in a vacuum and will be part of the work supporting any influx of people from Ukraine. Because that’s what they are – people – not statistics or ‘refugees’. They are people and families. Just like you.

“It goes without saying that if you or someone you work with find they are in need of our services too, we are always here. These are challenging times with rising inflation and utility prices going through the roof. And we always need support too, so if you can help out, in whatever way you can, we would be grateful.

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To contact the Charity for support, call 0800 9154627 or email via the website: https://www.rainydaytrust.org.uk/contact-us/

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