Survey reveals nation’s lack of baking skills

New research reveals that over half of the nation can’t even bake a simple cake, despite 82% of us owning specialist baking equipment including cake stands, piping bags and sugar thermometers.

The poll of more than 4,000 adults – commissioned by Flora Buttery to mark the launch of a campaign to put the fun back into simple, family baking – shows a lack of basic knowledge when it comes to baking. Four out of five people have no idea how many ingredients are even needed to bake a cake.

Following the recent attention on baking fuelled by programmes such as ‘The Great British Bake Off,’ 57% of us have revealed that we worry or feel under pressure to make something perfect when baking for others. When quizzing parents specifically, 70% said they are put off baking because they believe they are no good at it, it takes too much time, and it makes too much mess. A third of parents admitted to only baking twice a year with their kids, despite over three quarters of parents believing it is a fun, family bonding activity and having fond memories of baking as a child themselves.

Celebrity mum Kate Garraway calling for mums to reclaim the mixing bowl. “We all loved baking as kids but it seems the reality today is that we’re over complicating things with all this equipment. The showstoppers you see on the baking shows can make us fear we are being judged in our own kitchen and we end up too focused on the end result rather than enjoying the experience,” he said.#

“As a mum of two I know that everyday baking with your children is not about making perfect cakes. It’s about licking the bowl and having fun. We make a mess – but it’s worth it! It only takes five ingredients and 15 minutes to make a cake – and a childhood memory that lasts a lifetime. So forget perfect looking cakes, and celebrate the small disasters. The wonkier the better I say!”

To see Kate’s simple ‘5 in 15’ wonky cake recipes go to

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