Tefal launches ActiFryday Challenge

A new report commissioned by Tefal on the nation’s eating habits reveals that Brits are consuming well over half a billion takeaways each year.

Tefal’s ActiFryday Takeaway Report asked 2,000 people to share their takeaway habits and reveals that one in seven (16%) order a dish at least one a week.

The survey of the five of the most popular dishes found that Chinese is the nation’s favourite, with over a third of respondents (36%) choosing this eastern flavour. The second most popular is pizza (19%), and in third place is the once-chart-topping choice, Indian (18%). Friday is the most popular day to order a takeway, with 52% choosing to do so at the end of the working week.

Although nearly half of respondents (45%) said takeaways are more convenient than cooking, these meals add up to an ‘astonishing amount of fat,’ Tefal claims. It sayst hat based on the new research, on average the most popular main dishes have 908 calories, along with 52g of fat, 18g of saturated fat and 4g of salt.

To help fight this trend, Tefal has launched its ActiFryday Challenge, showing Brits ways to swap their Friday takeaways for healthier alternatives.Nutrition consultant and author Azmina Govindji analysed the nutritional values of popular takeaway dishes compared with ActiFried equivalents and said: “Most of us know takeaways contain fat, but sometimes we forget how high these levels are. Taking up the challenge is a great way of balancing the foods you love with healthier alternatives. Cooking a delicious chicken tikka masala in Tefal’s low-fat fryer, ActiFry reduces the saturated fat content from 17.4g in a typical takeaway portion to just 1g per serving of the ActiFry recipe.”

Azmina Govindji continued: “One of the key issues with takeaway dishes is the huge amount of fat used to create crispy chips or creamy sauces. But we are partial to a takeaway. Our challenge is to show people how to indulge a little while still reducing fat and calorie intake. You don’t have to completely give up the food you love, just use less oil.”

Dominik Pytel, marketing manager of kitchen electrics at Tefal, said: “The ActiFryday challenge will ensure that you can have your Friday treat without the guilt or calories.  What’s more, the ActiFry recipe book and app will mean you can replicate your favourite takeaway dishes in a healthy and convenient way.”

The My ActiFry smartphone app, which is free to download from the App Store and Google Play, provides hundreds of recipes that have been tested and approved by a team of nutritionists, a guide to cooking times for each ingredient, videos of cooking techniques and other functions to help the user cook healthy food every day.



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