The Great British pie divide

The nation is divided when it comes to pie choices, according to the latest findings from Waitrose.

The supermarket chain has revealed that shortcrust steak is by far the most popular pie in the UK but is favoured most by shoppers in central and the east of England.

Pie lovers of the south-west and West Midland like a dash of ale with theirs and favour a steak & ale pie, while those in Cumbria and Lancashire opt for Aberdeen Angus steak & ale pie.

Waitrose shoppers in Dorset also plump for a meaty variety but with the addition of mushroom, with steak & mushroom pie being the best seller in the area.

Stepping away from steak are London shoppers, who prefer chicken, leek, ham & thyme pie, while those in Wiltshire, Oxford and East Sussex go for the more simple chicken & gravy pie.

Waitrose pie buyer Nicola Wall commented: ‘Pies are one of those things – once you have a favourite, that’s what you stick to. We have a great variety of pies at Waitrose including Heston’s braised & sherry cream pie and beef & stilton pie, but it’s the traditional meaty flavours that remain popular nationwide.”

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