The humble houseplant: a must-have home accessory

The humble houseplant has become a must-have for a new generation who believe they instantly make homes more stylish.

Over half the nation (55%) now cite it as their main reason for snapping one up, new research by Dulux has revealed.

Two out of five (42%) say plants are a perfect way to add an instant splash of colour to their homes, while three percent say they buy them specifically to show off on social media.

The findings come as Dulux launches its Greenhouse Palette from its ColourFutures 2022 collection, which brings the benefits of the great outdoors into the home through its fresh natural tones inspired by nature.

The research from Dulux also highlights how important the humble houseplant has become for the nation’s mental well-being with 63% saying they positively boost their mood, with a quarter (26%) of us admitting to regularly talking to them.

One in five (19%) have such a deep bond with them that they worry about them when we’re away from home, while 16% go so far as to give them names.

It comes amid a boom in interest in houseplants, which has been helped along by an influx of plant influencers on social media.

Marianne Shillingford, creative director of Dulux UK says: “How we choose to decorate our homes is constantly evolving. The humble houseplant was once derided as a naff moving-in present, but that’s all changed. Now they have become a really important element of many people’s interior design schemes – helping their homes look good and improving their well-being into the bargain.

“The shades of our Greenhouse Palette have been specifically designed to bring the positive effect of the outside in with tones that echo the colours of nature, allowing us to enjoy all the benefits the outdoors brings. It’s a fresh and tranquil palette which makes the perfect backdrop for furnishings in natural materials such as wood or rattan and lots of greenery.”

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