The Judge Glass teapot with innovative Infuser

We are a nation of tea drinkers and we all have our personal preferences, which can be assured with the new innovative Infuser Teapot from Judge (TC383)

In four simple stages you can achieve the perfect brew:

  1. Fill the infuser with your desired tea leaves;
  2. Add the boiling water;
  3. Let the tea brew;
  4. Once the tea is sufficiently brewed, raise the infuser and lock in place.

Traditionally you would have to remove the lid of the teapot and remove the infuser. Typically this is messy and will also loose most of the heat from the teapot.

A genius design to guarantee the perfectly brewed cuppa, at a consistent temperature and with a dribble-free spout, there will be no mopping up or escaping dribble.

The clear borosilicate glass is scratch- and thermal shock-resistant, so that the perfect tea strength is guaranteed. Cleanliness is assured as every element of the unit can be cleaned in the dishwasher

Download the images from this link

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