The Rainy Day Trust calls for industry support

To continue its charitable efforts, The Rainy Day Trust is reaching out to the industry for support.

Bryan Clover, Rainy Day Trust CEO, said: “This year, the Rainy Day Trust is 180 years old. That’s 180 years of ‘being there’. 180 years of providing a huge range of help to people who are finding life too tough to deal with on their own.  We say that our help is a leg up, not a hand out. We want this year to be the biggest on record, helping as many people as possible, outstripping even the last couple of years which have been ridiculously busy. Today’s announcement that inflation had ‘fallen’ to 10.1% shows that the need for our help isn’t going to go away any time soon. We are here for the people that you work with that may be struggling.  It’s a simple equation – more people know that we exist equals more people that we can help.”

“We are seeking your business’s support so that we can keep going. Since early 2020 and the lockdowns from Covid-19 we have made a loss every year, and 2022 was no exception where we spent over £72,000 more helping people that we brought in.  In previous years, we had prudently built reserves and those are now dwindling fast.  As part of our 180th Anniversary activity I will be hiking 6 x 30-mile half ultras against the clock and we are looking for corporate sponsors either for an individual 30 miler, or for the whole lot.  We will be talking about our sponsors throughout the training period and in the hikes themselves, getting your brand out there.  A massive thank you to Dexam Intl and Addis for their sponsorship so far.  The first hike was on 1st April and just to make it a bit more challenging, I hiked it overnight. The next one is this Saturday up the Wayfarers and once again, I’m doing it in the dark – and by the look of it, in the rain too!”

Can you sponsor a hike? The Rainy Day Trust are looking for £500 for an individual hike. The five remaining dates are:

  • 22 April – Wayfarer (overnight)
  • 13 May – Jurassic Ultra Challenge
  • 10 Jun – 3 Castle walk – Windsor to Winchester (overnight)
  • 24 Jun – Cotswold Ultra Challenge
  • 6th hike date tbc

Alternatively, you or your business can make a straight donation of any size to The Rainy Day Trust fundraising page –

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