The solution for baking the perfect loaf?

A product design graduate from the University of Brighton claims to have come up with the solution to baking the perfect loaf.

 Patrick Kendal, the creator of The Spring Oven, said: “As any avid viewer of ‘The Great British Bake-Off’ will know, you need to generate sufficient steam in the oven, to help the bread rise and produce a great crust.

“Many recipes suggest placing a tray of ice cubes or pot of water at the bottom of the oven. However, this actually has the effect of reducing the cooking temperature, and produces substandard results. “I’ve found its best to bake bread covered at the start, which cuts off the dough from the oven steam. 

“The Spring Oven is the solution. It’s a terracotta ovenware pot that uniquely generates steam while baking. A channel of water that sits within an internal rim in the base of the pot allows steam to be created within the pot while the lid is on. Keeping the lid on helps trap as much heat at possible, while creating high humidity conditions similar to professional bakery ovens.”

Patrick explained that he was spurred on by his success in winning a ‘One to Watch’ award from the Design Council and decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign for his product.

“To say it has been a success would be an understatement,” he said. “I launched the Kickstarter campaign for The Spring Oven at the end of June and managed to reach my £10,000 funding target in just 15 days.”

Patrick now intends to launch the product in Brighton retail stores, and is currently in discussions with a number of outlets.

 The Kickstarter campaign ends on July 27 and can be viewed at:

 Contact:, 07412 576436.

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