Waitrose reveals ‘the chef’s secret ingredient’

Waitrose says it is sharing a culinary secret that top chefs have managed to keep hidden for years: yuzu juice.

Hailed by many as a superfruit, with fans including Jamie Oliver and Nigel Slater, the upmarket grocery chain is the first supermarket to launch 100% yuzu juice. And Waitrose predicts that yuzu will become the ‘it’ ingredient of 2014.

The Asian citrus fruit, which looks like a small, bumpy grapefruit, has been a staple in Japanese cooking for centuries. However, because of its limited availability in the UK, it has remained a top secret flavour with chefs, appearing on the menu at Nobu and numerous Japanese restaurants.

Waitrose development chef James Bennington said: “This is a potent juice, which is both citrusy and aromatic. There’s no Western equivalent – it’s a complex flavour with hints of mandarin, lemon and grapefruit. Yuzu is so flexible, it can be used in savoury dishes, matching particularly well with fish, as well as cocktails and desserts.’

Yuzu juice is used in marinades, salad dressings and sauces or as a zesty addition to lemonade and mayonnaise.

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