Want a romantic gift? Buy her a breadmaker

Forget flowers and chuck the choccies: breadmakers and coffee machines are what women really want from their husband to mark their wedding anniversary.

Want a romantic gift? Buy her a breadmaker

According to a survey by handbag and shoe storage retailer Tszuji, women are sick of receiving heart-shaped novelties, tacky teddies and bouquets on their wedding anniversary.

Instead, 54% of women surveyed would like their husband to buy them something to benefit the home they built together. Luxury and innovative appliances topped the list, including breadmakers and coffee machines.

And the more unusual the gift the better: 34% said they want a more imaginative present than they traditionally received. Inappropriate and immature teddy bears were voted the worst gift. Even jewellery lacks charm: 78% said they would prefer an inexpensive item rather than break the bank.

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