Woolworths has no future, says investment bank

Woolworths has no future in its present form, according to a leading investment bank.

Woolworths has no future, says investment bank

Citigroup retail analyst Bruce Hubbard believes the retailer’s stores are “worthless”, according to a report in The Times, and concludes: “We are far from persuaded that the retail chain can lay claim to any equity value.”

He goes on: “The past three to four years has seen a widely-respected management team lose its battle against the competitive forces of a dire retail market.

“Right now we look to be heading into a non-food consumer recession. Woolworths is not a chain where you would ride out such a downturn. Put simply, this is not an equity that long-term investors should engage with.”

Hubbard added that the 800-plus Woolworth stores suffered from lack of scale and poor locations.

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