Bira: ‘Speed and simplicity’ will be key to making new emergency measures work

The Government’s latest raft of emergency measures to save jobs and businesses amidst the coronavirus crisis is being backed by Bira (British Independent Retailers Association).

Yesterday (Friday March 20), Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced a new scheme of measures to protect workers. They include: coverage for 80% of salaries up to £2,500 a month; VAT bills deferred for the next quarter (worth £30 billion), £7 billion boost to the welfare system, and extra protection for those in rented properties.

Bira ceo Andrew Goodacre said: “We welcome the grants being made available to support salary payments to keep people in work. We also welcome the more generous terms for the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme, and the deferral of the next VAT payments.

“It is absolutely vital that the guidelines on how to access these all-important grants are made available as soon as possible, with clear instructions on how businesses can access these much-needed funds.

“Speed and simplicity will be of the essence if we are to protect as many businesses and employees as possible.”

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