Brits rate a home cooked meal as the recipe for romance

Forget restaurant-served oysters and chocolate-covered strawberries – if you’re planning a romantic meal, you’re better off cooking a curry at home, according to new research.

According to a poll of almost 2,000 adults by mealkit delivery service Hello Fresh, a juicy steak (35%), roast dinner (22%) and spicy curry (17%) are the top three meals most likely to lead to a night of passion.

In fact, only one in 20 adults ever serves the traditional aphrodisiac of oysters for a romantic meal. But fish does remain a popular option, with salmon (15%), seabass (12%) and scallops (11%) common choices for a romantic evening.

Surprisingly, the carb heavy Italian dish lasagne also emerged among the top meals for 13% of lovers – as did risotto (10%) and beef bourguignon (9%).

Overall, four in 10 of those polled said cooking their partner’s favourite meal is the best route to romance. And seven in 10 preferred being cooked for on a date night opposed to being taken out for dinner to a restaurant. A savvy 21% said it was much cheaper, while one in 10 said it saved the hassle of booking a babysitter.

Nearly a quarter said you can be much more tactile with each other if you are dining at home – while a hopeful 17% prefer eating at home, so they can ‘move things upstairs’.

Patrick Drake, co-founder and head chef of HelloFresh, said: “It’s no surprise that seven in 10 people prefer being cooked for on a date night, rather than being taken out for dinner. When it comes to food to get you in the mood, forget fancy delicacies: it’s the good old British classics that are the clear winners.”

Red wine was named the drink of choice for a romantic night in, followed by champagne and prosecco.

But snails are definitely off the menu as 47% of Brits said the French delicacy was a definite no-no for a romantic night in. Over a quarter said you should never present burgers to your partner or spouse and 12% said spaghetti should be avoided. One in five said spinach should never be served due to is propensity for getting stuck between teeth and 37% said the strong smell of garlic meant garlic bread was off limits.

Of those surveyed, 22% said a romantic evening in had gone wrong. The biggest complaint was that both parties ate far too much, while 14% had a row, 13% moaned the food was burnt and 12% said their partner fell asleep.

The top 20 most romantic meals are:
1. A juicy steak (35%)
2. A roast (22%)
3. A spicy curry (17%)
4. Salmon (15%)
5. Profiteroles (14%)
6. Lasagne (13%)
7. Seabass (12%)
8. Scallops (11%)
9. Risotto (10%)
10. A cheese board (9%)
11. Beef bourguignon (9%)
12. Chilli con carne (9%)
13. Seafood linguine (9%)
14. Mussels (8%)
15. Paella (7%)
16. Buttered asparagus (7%)
17. Oysters (6%)
18. Chilli (5%)
19. Figs and goat’s cheese (5%)
20. Coq au vin (5%)

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