Christmas message from Rainy Day Trust

A Christmas message from the Rainy Day Trust CEO Bryan Clover.

“Christmas is still ages away, but even in a ‘normal’ year, Christmas can be a difficult time for many. With inflation still high, and energy bills a major worry, now is the time to pre-empt those problems and issues that will raise their ugly little heads in December – worries over food prices, heating and a myriad of other issues.

“Here at the Rainy Day Trust we have always taken the view that prevention is better than cure, and a lot cheaper too. We would far rather spend £500 now helping someone tackle a problem before it takes hold, than £5,000 in a year’s time when their world has imploded.

“There are two ways of doing that. Firstly, get your folks to contact us now and ask for a ‘Let’s Save Energy’ pack of free LED lightbulbs, eco shower heads and radiator reflectors. Croydex have just donated 150 shower heads to us! Combined, these bits of low energy tech will help reduce bills by up to £250 a year, every year. Secondly, make them aware that our free telephone counselling service is open to everyone to deal with the worries that are weighing them down. On top of that, we still have all of our regular assistance too. It’s not a hand out, it’s a leg up.

“More importantly, we can come to your offices and talk to people directly. We can do so much more than even the best EAP (Employee Assist Programme) as people will talk to us openly. Every single time that we visit a business to talk through the whole range of help that we offer, the phone starts to ring on the way home and the conversation inevitably begins with “I didn’t want to say anything in front of the others but ….” That is where what we do brings benefits to you and your business. Happy staff are productive staff. No matter how good an employer you are, there will be things that staff won’t tell you and those things prey on their minds distracting them from the day job.

“Everything that we do is completely confidential. In the run up to Christmas, we can help to reduce worry as well as bills. Get us involved now and stop problems from taking hold. Email me for our latest booklet on what we can do, and the application form for the Let’s Save Energy pack.


To contact the Charity for support, call 0800 915 4627 or email via the RDT website:

To organise for Bryan or Roz at RDT to come and talk to staff, or to discuss partnerships or call 07939 541289


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