Diablo successfully defends its original design

The creator of the Diablo toasted snack maker has successfully enforced its design rights against a company importing and selling a ‘lookalike’ product called Tiger Toastie.

Diablo successfully defends its original design

Alan Green, managing director of Aerolatte, which created and manufactures the Diablo, said: “The Chinese-manufactured product first came to our attention in the UK some time ago and we were quick to take action against the poor quality product. We invest in bringing great quality design to the market and have to take steps to prevent those who seek to ride on our coattails and erode the value and market we have created.” The importer and seller has agreed to stop selling Tiger Toastie product.

Diablo is distributed in the UK by Eddingtons.
It produces deep round toasted snacks. Titanium-coated for scratch-resistant, non-stick cooking, it is described as light, compact and dishwasher safe. It can be placed over any direct heat source, such as electric, ceramic, gas, and even the barbecue.

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