Dining series coming soon to BBC Two

BBC Two has commissioned a new show in which celebrities go out to dinner.

Described as a ‘brand new subversive comedy entertainment show’, ‘I’ll Get This’ is a six-episode series that features an eclectic mix of five famous diners each week.

The broadcaster explained: “When the celebrities arrive at the restaurant, they must each place their bank card in the centre of the table. As the food is served and the drinks flow, they play a series of fun and revealing games. If they win a game, they can retrieve their card. The person whose card remains at the end of the evening must pick up the bill for the whole group. It’s going to be an expensive night for someone!”

Kate Phillips, controller of BBC Entertainment Commissioning, said: “There’s nothing funny about being stuck with the bill, but luckily ‘I’ll Get This’ is a very funny watch as we witness a unique set of well-known diners do whatever it takes to get their credit card back. Let the gourmet games begin!”

The BBC is now airing a trailer for the show, which states that ‘I’ll Get This’ is coming soon.





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