Fairfax focuses on Ascaso brand espresso makers

Fairfax says it is now focusing on the Ascaso brand as its principal line of espresso coffee machines, as it launches a new range.

Fairfax focuses on Ascaso brand espresso makers

The company, which has distributed the Spanish Ascaso machines for some five years, says it recently approached the manufacturer to ask for new features to upgrade the products.

Fairfax marketing manager Paula Schuh Wagner told HousewaresLive.net: “We went back to the manufacturer and said we want to produce more professional coffee. As a result, the solenoid anti-drip valve is a completely new feature on these machines.

“Also the price has been brought down because we’ve increased the quantity we’re buying.”

Fairfax no longer supplies Jura machines to the trade, but Schuh Wagner said: “The aim is for Ascaso to be our main coffee machines.”

The new espresso makers retail from £199 to £495 and come in a range of colours, along with made-to-order shades on the top-of-the-range Dream.

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