Sales of pasta, rice and noodles boil over

With sales rocketing over the last few years, Britain is proving to have an insatiable appetite for pasta, rice and noodles.

Sales of pasta, rice and noodles boil over

According to a new report from Mintel, over the past five years sales of the trio have soared by 41%, with British consumers this year set to eat their way through £1.4bn-worth.

In the last two years alone, sales have increased by 22%, much of the growth taking place during the last year. And over the next five years the market is predicted to grow a further 25%.

The highest growth in the past two years has come from rice, up 32% against 21% for pasta and 12% for noodles.

Mintel says that the huge popularity of the three foods is down to the fact that they provide a relatively affordable meal solution, along with a greater interest in home cooking and more eating in during the recession.

The market has also benefited from the influence of global cuisines and demand for convenience.

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