ICTC parts company with md Bruce Crane

Bruce Crane has left ICTC, having been made redundant in his role as managing director of the company at the end of February.

ICTC parts company with md Bruce Crane

Commercial director Will Payton told HousewaresLive.net that the decision to let Crane go had been a difficult one but that it had been necessary as a cost-cutting measure.

Bruce Crane joined the kitchenware and tabletop supplier in 2008 as managing director. He was also, and remains, the owner of Loose’s Cookshop in Norwich.

Explaining the reasons for Crane’s departure, Payton said: “We needed to make cost savings here. Our business turnover has declined over the last six years, and since Bruce came in he did a lot of good work in marketing, PR, restructuring the company in terms of organisation, developed catalogues, the showroom, shows. The image of the company went up but the turnover didn’t.

“The business doesn’t support three people at the top. Ruth Cutter [sales director] and I are in effect running this company between us.”

Payton went on: “[Bruce is] a personal friend of mine. I got him into the business and it was a very difficult decision to make.”

He said he did not know what Crane’s next move would be. HousewaresLive.net was unable to contact him.

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