John Lewis Christmas ad strikes the right note

John Lewis’ new Christmas television advertisement has proved to be a huge and immediate hit with viewers.

John Lewis Christmas ad strikes the right note

Part of the retailer’s £6m festive campaign, the ad debuted virally on Facebook and YouTube on Friday morning and was broadcast on Saturday evening in the high-profile ad break during ITV1’s X Factor live show.

In the three days since its launch, the ad has received 600,000 YouTube hits. Last year’s ad chalked up only 440,000 views over the course of 11 months.

The anticipation and joy of giving the perfect gift to someone you love is the theme behind the campaign.

The ad follows a little boy as he impatiently counts down the days and minutes until Christmas morning. The viewer is led to believe that the boy cannot wait to open his gifts on Christmas morning, only to find that he is actually impatient to give a gift that he has lovingly wrapped for his parents.

The 60-second ad, which will be viewed by 44m people at least once, runs for five weeks, supported by a combination of 90, 30 and 20-second versions as well as in-store and online marketing – including a significant push on the retailer’s social media channels. A print campaign focusing on John Lewis’ top 100 gifts for Christmas will run from December 1 for three weeks.

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