Joseph Joseph praises US retailer for ‘its efforts in combating piracy’

A well-known American retail store chain operating in Mexico (the “Store”) was yesterday praised by British housewares company Joseph Joseph for helping it in its battle against the scourge of piracy affecting the design and manufacturing industry.

Joseph Joseph said the chain has been “very co-operative from the outset, so both sides have agreed legally that they will not be named”.

The Store’s Mexican outlets inadvertently stocked, and offered for sale, Chinese goods which are unauthorised copies of Joseph Joseph’s products.

However, instead of continuing with the sales and supporting the pirates, the Store decided to stand on the side of honest traders by immediately pulling the unauthorised goods from its shelves and stopping future imports.

Joseph Joseph director Richard Joseph said that the position taken by the Store was a refreshing and welcome change from the delaying and denial tactics used by some retailers who contribute to the massive growth of pirated and counterfeit products.

“This growth has been shown to fuel criminal activities whilst also jeopardising the health and safety of consumers. It causes billions in lost revenues to honest traders and lost taxes to governments. Further, it stifles creativity by causing loss of jobs or bankruptcy in small companies without budgets to fight copies,” he said.

“Other retailers should follow the lead by the Store and do all they can to help their national businesses prosper against infringers,” he added.

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