Omelette maker didn’t cook pies, watchdog finds

A television shopping channel has been reprimanded for featuring several foods in an ad for an omelette maker – which had not actually cooked them.

Omelette maker didn't cook pies, watchdog finds

The Price Drop TV ad showed the omelette maker being used to cook various things, including a pie. Several pies and a pizza were also shown next to the product, and a close-up showed a cross-section of a pie in detail.

But a viewer told the Advertising Standards Authority he did not believe that all the foods shown were cooked using the product.

Price Drop admitted that that was the case but said the foods were supposed to suggest what the omelette maker was capable of cooking.

However, the ASA thought viewers would expect the items shown to have been cooked using the product, and also noted that the pizza and pies appeared larger than the product itself.

It told Price Drop that the ad therefore misleadingly exaggerated the product’s capabilities and should not run again in its current form.

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