Rayware Group launches TV adverts for Kilner and Viners

The Rayware Group launches TV advertising campaigns for two of its major brands; Kilner and Viners, this month.

The Viners TV campaign is set to be delivered to the living rooms of Britain and Ireland tomorrow (Thursday September 10) and will run until late November. The advert will consist primarily of the Viners ‘High Fashion’ ranges, and will carry the message of bringing ‘high fashion to your table’.

The push will have a weekend weight, with most adverts running from Thursday to Sunday. They will be targeted at lifestyle consumers as well as cooks and those who like to experiment in the kitchen. The adverts can be seen on core television channels including ITV morning, ITV Lorraine and Channel 4 home improvement and popular lifestyle shows such as ‘Come Dine With Me’.

The Kilner TV advertising campaign broke on Monday (September 7) and runs for two months. Building on the success of last year’s campaign, Kilner will be hoping to appeal to a wider audience this time around. Accompanied with the tagline ‘full of fresh ideas’, The Rayware Grouop says the advert will focus on a range of consumers; “not just the ‘picklers’ and ‘preservers’ but also the more versatile Kilner users, such as the ‘entertainers’, ‘makers’, ‘lunchers’ and ‘bakers’”. The Kilner advert can also be seen on a range of mainstream channels such as Channel 4, ITV Be, Food Network and E!

Behind the scenes of the Viners TV advert

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