RKW and Tower products make impact at Exclusively

Two influential brands, RKW and Tower, made a strong impression at the annual Exclusively 2023 trade show. Each brand had the opportunity to display their most recent housewares and SDA products.

RKW marketing director, Rod Burrows, commented: “We are happy to report RKW and Tower’s successful exhibition at Exclusively 2023. The positive response and enthusiastic feedback received during the trade show reinforces our position as one of the market leaders in the SDA and housewares industry. We presented a diverse collection of functional products that epitomise our dedication to elevating everyday living experiences.

“We extend our gratitude to the organisers of Exclusively 2023 for hosting the trade show and to the attendees who visited our stands and engaged with our products. Their valuable insights and support further inspires us to continue pushing boundaries and delivering unmatched housewares and SDA solutions”.

Tower Products

Tower, a name synonymous with cutting-edge housewares and small domestic appliances (SDA), left a lasting impression on Exclusively 2023 attendees with their remarkable display on stand EH402.

The brand introduced several new housewares products, including the revolutionary SmartStart™ and Cerastone Pro cookware, which garnered significant attention from industry professionals and consumers alike. It also displayed a range of SDA such as Tower kitchen collections, Tower floorcare, and new Tower air fryer models.

Tower SmartStart™

Tower SmartStart™ is a line of clever energy-saving frying pans, with an in-built temperature sensor that changes to a dark red at the optimum cooking temperature of 200°C.

The cookware collection’s four versions, which come in 24, 28, 30, and 32cm frying pan sizes, exhibited at the event. These are Classic, Gourmet, Forged, and Ultra-Forged.

The SmartStart™ collection includes exclusive AeroGlide™ non-stick frying pan coatings, which are up to 15x stronger than other non-stick coatings, offering consumers the best easy to clean, non-stick, abrasion-resistant, and anti-corrosion cooking experiences.

Tower Cerastone Pro

At Exclusively 2023, Tower showcased its stunning new Cerastone Pro line of cookware, which is a continuation of the remarkable Cerastone line. Cookware bodies are composed of heavy gauge 4mm forged aluminium, and the 5-layer non-stick coating is 10x stronger than that of rivals.

To enable end-users to get cooking right away, the collection includes frying pans with the Tower-exclusive Inducto™ induction compatible bases. Because of its high abrasion resistance and the seamless food release made possible by its non-stick coating, Cerastone Pro is dishwasher safe and exceedingly simple to clean.

Tower Kitchen Collections

In the realm of SDA, Tower continued to impress with Solitaire, Scandi, and Renaissance kitchen collections. Many collections at Exclusively featured new colourways in keeping with 2023 trends, giving the classic a fresh new spin.

Tower Scandi Kitchen Collection

A new Cool Grey colourway with a Walnut trim was displayed for Scandi. The established Jade Green Scandi colourway joined this, as shown in the Tower Scandi 5-piece storage set (T826140JDE). In various product ranges, including Scandi and Renaissance, green is a particularly popular colour trend for 2023.

The Scandi collection was positively received by retail customers attending Exclusively 2023 because of its simple design and wooden accents that portray a Scandinavian feel, assisting to foster a tranquil environment within an end-user’s home. Tower Scandi kitchen products include kettles, cutlery, knives, microwaves, toasters, slow cookers, and storage containers.

Tower Renaissance Kitchen Collection

The fascination with vintage designs, motifs, and fashions led to the creation of the Tower Renaissance kitchen collection, which includes microwaves, kettles, toasters, and storage containers. Exclusively 2023 featured a Chrome-trimmed Forest Green colourway which was popular amongst attendees. A refined White colourway variation was also successfully exhibited at the trade show.

Tower Solitaire Kitchen Collection

Solitaire kitchen goods, including kettles, toasters, storage canisters and other housewares, are recognised by a textured diamond design effect. Any kitchen arrangement gains a level of sophistication from the Solitaire kitchen collection, adding personality and individuality.

The classy Black Solitaire colourway was exhibited at Exclusively, alongside a captivating new Marine Blue colourway.

Tower VL Series Floorcare

Exclusively featured the Tower VL Series floorcare range. The full line of brand-new vacuum cleaners was exhibited, including the top-of-the-line VL100 Optimum (T513012AT).

With four power modes, Eco, Medium, High, and Auto, and a sleek touch-screen LED display. The VL100’s continuous dust particle sensor technology automatically increases suction strength at rising dust levels. The super-effective floorhead stirs up dirt and dust while preventing hair build up with anti-tangle technology.

The VL80 Flexi Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (T513011PETS), another product from the VL Series floorcare range displayed, with a 75cm Flexi pole for reaching beneath tables and other low places while still delivering effective cleaning performance.

Tower Air Fryers

Exclusively 2023 attendees were particularly captivated by the exceptional new Tower air fryers, such as the Tower Eco Saver range, and the Elite range.

Both product ranges exemplify Tower’s dedication to creating small domestic appliances which combine high functionality with style.

Tower Elite Air Fryers

As Tower is the home of the air fryer, attendees anticipated seeing a variety of new and bestselling air fryer models at Exclusively 2023. They were not disappointed, with Tower’s newest Dual Basket air fryer on display, The Tower 11L Dual Basket Elite air fryer.

The 1700W power model contains Tower Vortx technology that RKW customers adore, saving up to 70% on energy bills. It is designed with elegant Stainless Steel accents and improved functions for the ultimate high-end air frying experience. Customers can use the sync function to cook two separate meals in each 5.5L compartment, ensuring that both finish cooking at the same time, with food that is always hot and fresh.

Tower Eco Saver Air Fryers

The eagerly awaited Tower Eco Saver air fryer range, which combines the outstanding advantages of Tower air fryers with a new space-saving design, was on exhibit at Exclusively 2023. Compared with other air fryers, Tower Eco Saver 3L, 6L, and 7.5L models have a smaller footprint, occupying 20% less room in a kitchen. Small product and packaging sizes mean space-saving within shipping and transport containers, reducing overall environmental costs and consequences.

Tower Vortx technology in Eco Saver air fryers saves customers up to 70% on their energy bills, whilst maintaining the functionality of earlier Tower air fryer models.

Customers who buy models with built-in Vizion technology also save time and money since they can monitor meals without opening the air fryer doors.

RKW Brands

RKW, a leading distributor of household brands, drew substantial attention on stand EH456, with an extensive line-up of exceptional product ranges.

The business proudly showcased products from leading brands including SmegLavazza, and Black + Decker. The stand attracted a steady stream of visitors which were eager to explore the latest offerings from trusted industry names. RKW’s participation at Exclusively 2023 was a testament to their commitment in delivering excellence, whilst staying at the forefront of the housewares and SDA market.

Products such as the Black + Decker Smart Cooling range were in attendance, featuring four smart-enabled air conditioners (5K/7K/9K/16k BTU), operated by Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or the Black + Decker home app. Powerful air conditioning, cooling, and dehumidification is provided by the 3-in-1 functionality. 24-hour timers automatically turn off and on at pre-determined times based on user preference.

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