RKW launches ‘Energy Savers’ campaign to help UK households with cost of living

RKW has been helping UK households beat the cost of living for over 30 years, offering a diverse selection of affordable, energy-saving products across its SDA and housewares ranges. Extending its support into 2023, the business has announced an ‘Energy Savers’ campaign to help educate consumers on energy usage and the cost-saving benefits of all its first-party products from Tower, Carmen and Warmlite.

Throughout 2022, millions of households in the UK have been affected by a cost of living crisis and growing energy concerns, with the national energy price cap set to rise for a second time in a single year from October. RKW recognises its responsibility to help consumers understand how to efficiently utilise its products and mitigate ongoing energy costs.
RKW has partnered with the energy experts at Sust-it, supporting its mission to educate consumers on running costs and energy usage associated with electrical products. Sust-it’s online database provides easily accessible information for RKW appliances such as cost of electricity per five minutes and yearly costs that are based on a standard UK tariff, allowing consumers to make informed choices.

With its latest campaign, the supplier is increasing visibility of its product energy saving benefits for Tower, Carmen and Warmlite. Energy usage information and comparisons have been applied to its ecommerce assets, while its most efficient products and ranges are being promoted with an ‘Energy Saver’ message on all digital content and packaging.
Tower Air Fryers are the leading ‘Energy Saver’ products from RKW. Powered by its own in-house Vortx technology, Tower Air Fryers cook food 30% faster than a conventional oven with reduced energy consumption. RKW’s research teams have conducted extensive research into the running costs of its best-selling models vs. conventional fan ovens.

Based on product wattage and standard UK energy rates per kW, Tower’s Xpress Pro Combo 10-in-1 Digital Air Fryer can save the consumer up to £94 per year on bills compared to a conventional fan oven, while the Vortx 1500W 1.3L Manual Air Fryer saves the user an average of £141 per year. Tower has invested heavily into its energy saving messages for the consumer with a comprehensive campaign for its branded website and social channels.

In addition to air fryers, RKW supplies an abundance of ‘Energy Saver’ products across its flagship brands. Tower appliances and housewares including slow cookers, cast iron cookware and linen care airers all provide energy efficient living for the consumer. Personal heating products from Carmen and Warmlite are also proven to pass the energy saving costs on directly to the end user. Carmen electric blankets and hot water bottles and oil filled radiators from Warmlite are personal heating solutions that provide cost-effective alternatives to heating the home, making these products high in demand ahead of the October energy increase.

RKW will be supporting its trade customers with the ‘Energy Savers’ campaign, supplying point-of-sale solutions and updated ecommerce content to maximise the marketing messaging across all of its eligible products from Tower, Carmen and Warmlite.

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