Selfridges reveals its top kitchen & dining Xmas gift suggestions

Shine On! is the theme of Selfridges’ Christmas offer for 2016, with themed products and in-store experiences that aim to offer a ‘kaleidoscope of dazzle, glitter and fun’.

The style is ‘loud, bold yet polished; gloss white, bright red day glow, iridescent, confetti and metallic abound’.

The department store group has also suggested six ‘top gifts for kitchen and dining’:

-W&P ‘Make Your Own’ Sets: ‘From mini cocktails sets to ‘make you own’ gin or hot sauce sets, customers will find the perfect gifts for inventive foodies.’

-Raclette Heat Lamp: ‘Melt cheese the way the Swiss do under a specialised heat lamp that will allow you to melt the cheese layer by layer onto your favourite foods. A must-have gadget for a season of indulgence.’

-Corknet: ‘Tableware that turns into table tennis? That’s exactly what the founders at Corknet have created. Sturdy, sustainable cork trivets that the user can rest hot pots and pans on to serve guests at the dinner table. When dinner is over, the user stands the trivets up to make a ‘cork net’ for a game of table tennis. After dinner entertainment sorted!’

-Becky Broom personalised glasses: ‘A great gift for friends and family, Becky Broom’s personalised glasses will add humour to your festive gatherings. The range includes champagne flutes, highballs, whiskey tumblers and witty wine glasses with measures reading: ‘Small Glass, Large Glass, Harry’s Glass’ or ‘Good Day, Bad Day, Don’t Ask!’

-Zalto: ‘Zalto’s reinforced glassware is made with entertaining in mind. The collection includes wine glasses, champagne glasses, decanter and carafe’.

-Nude: ‘From the maker of fine Italian glassware, the Alba collection includes two decanters and two whiskey tumblers, the design of which has inspired the spiritual home of whiskey and includes deconstructed tartan patterns engraved by hand. The tumblers are heavy bottomed with the shape tapered up towards the rim to aid holding in the subtle flavours of whiskey.’ The Alba Collection by Nude is exclusive to Selfridges.


Glittering gift for the home: Exclusive to Selfridges, Cocolux has produced three festive fragranced candles made in its signature coconut wax: Fig, Orange & Clove; Cedar & Pine; and Frankincense & Myrrh. Each retails at £60 and comes in a glittering gold holder



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